Ever since I was a kid, creating videos has felt like performing magic. Being able to turn an intangible idea into a shareable experience still gives me the chills with each new reveal. Technology has advanced a lot since those days of hitting record and stop on the VCR to edit videos – as have my skills and abilities – but I still get that same rush every time I finish a video and watch it for the first time.

I've been shooting videos professionally since 2005. I have a large variety of experience with planning, shooting, editing and publishing videos. I have a particular passion for creating music videos, short films and documentary-style stories, but I have also shot events and promotional videos of all sorts - including weddings, first communions, sporting events, corporate training, concert and political campaign videos.

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Need a more complex shoot? I have a trusted network of fellow videographers, editors, audio recording specialists and other experts I can turn to for additional resources.

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