Oh the po-pos

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I just sat in traffic for 45 minutes to go about 2 miles. “Was there an accident?” “Did a tanker fire start on fire?” you are asking yourself. Nope. After 45 minutes of waiting, divided by a wonderful stop for a couple $1 double cheeseburgers, I arrived at the cause of the delay – a police “Seatbelt Enforcement Zone. Seriously? During rush hour? This is the third time in about a month I have waited over 30 minutes for the po-pos to check for seatbelts.

Isn’t wearing a seatbelt a rule which punishes itself if it is not obeyed? I don’t think a $75 ticket is going to change someone’s habits if the risk of almost certain death in the event of an accident hasn’t been able to.

The location and timing of this “Seatbelt Enforcement” probably didn’t work out too well for the cops either. I think people might have realized that they should put their seatbelts on while waiting for 45 minutes in front of a giant sign that says Seatbelt Enforcement Zone. If anyone still got caught without a seatbelt tonight I hope they just killed them, because humanity is better off without such fools.

I got an idea for the suburbs: Cut back on the number of cops, lower the taxes since you have so much extra money from all the salaries and pensions you won’t have to pay, and stop wasting my time.


  1. I’m ashamed to say I know people who’ve been ticketed for not wearing their seatbelts while driving through those horribly obvious Click It or Ticket zones.

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