Barton-Collins website - after

Barton-Collins Website Redesign

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My website redesign for the Milwaukee-based business products supplier Barton-Collins (my dad’s company) launched this week. It’s a fairly simple and straight-forward site, and mostly just needed a cosmetic makeover. The old, dated green background and logo are out, replaced with a clean, blue color scheme (portraying trustworthiness) and improved site navigation. The new image of the Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum hints at the company’s Milwaukee roots while adding some visual interest. A new logo features a more contemporary font and a simple, timeless mark using the “bc” from Barton-Collins which can be used as a stand-alone icon. We shot new product photos, which ended up being much more difficult than I originally imagined, but I’m glad we used them as opposed to some generic manufacturer photos.

Old Website:

Barton-Collins website - before

Redesigned Website (click image to view full site):

Barton-Collins website - after

There will likely be some tweaks and additions to the site in the coming weeks, but overall we’re happy with the improvements. What do you think?


  1. Awesome work! I love the design of the website and how easily customers can contact Barton-Collins.

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